Reduce C Drive Space

How to Reduce C Drive Space in Windows 10 without Formatting

A lot of users often fill their C drive with so much data that it runs out of space in no time. What happens next is not in your control as it may slow down your system drastically, startup programs might not work, a few apps or software may not function properly, and a lot more!

To avoid such issues, it’s always better to either increase the C drive space or remove unnecessary programs installed on your computer. That’s pretty simple to do so but have you ever thought of reducing the C drive space and adding that additional space to the other drives? You probably didn’t!

Well, it’s possible to reduce C drive space on your Windows 10 without formatting and losing any data of your system. Wondering how you can do the same? Follow the below-given method to increase or reduce or shrink the C drive space without losing any data on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

How to Reduce C Drive Space using My Computer

Reducing the C space isn’t straightforward but it does involve a few steps to execute. Here’s how you can do it.

#1. To start with, right click on the My Computer icon and then click on Manage > Storage > Disk management. You can also search for Disk Management directly in the control panel using Windows search.

#2. Now right click on the C drive and then click on Shrink volume.

Shrink C Drive Space Windows 10

#3. Next, enter the amount of space that you want to reduce from the C drive and click on Shrink. Make sure that the C drive has a minimum of 150 GB disk space for the smoother functioning of your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

#4. Once done, click on the empty partition which is created due to the reduction of space in the C drive and right-click on it. Now, click on New Simple volume and create a new drive on your hard drive. You can name it anything as it can be changed anyway!

Allocate left space

Note: If you do not allocate the leftover space, it cannot be used later on as it remains unallocated! So make sure you follow the above-explained 4th step after reducing the C drive space on your PC.

That’s how simple it is to reduce the C drive space by using the Disk Management option from My Computer or Control Panel on your Windows 10 PC.

Apart from knowing how the C drive space can be reduced, there are a lot of other questions that are leaving users confused. Let me answer a couple of them to clear your doubts!

Is it Safe to Reduce C Drive Space?

I’ve seen a lot of people ask this. Well, that completely depends on your existing data (space used) on your C drive. Say, for example, if your C drive has 120 GB of data and you’re trying to shrink it into 80 GB data, there’s no guarantee that your data will be safe. And the reason is obvious that you’re overriding the available space and using very low space on C drive as compared to what is needed. Instead, if the space taken is 90 GB and you’re reducing the C drive space from 150 GB to 120 GB, you’re on the safer side.

Is it Worth Compressing C Drive?

If your system is often running out of space, it’s always recommended to either use an external hard drive or compress the C drive by reducing the disk space used by shrinking it.

Closing Thoughts!

While not many users prefer to shrink the C drive, there are a few technical users in the world who love to experiment with their systems. And for them, this is a perfect way to test the system performance after reducing the C drive space on their respective Windows 10  PCs or laptops. So will you reduce the C drive space on your system? Do let me know in the comments below.

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