How to Install VPN on Kodi on PC, iPhone, & Chromebook

In a world of anonymity, it’s important that you keep yourself secure and safe while you stream your favorite shows on Kodi. Well, that’s not the only reason to use a VPN on Kodi but there are plenty of other benefits too.

Why Use VPN on Kodi?

There are plenty of benefits when you use Kodi with a VPN installed. Here are a few of them.

#1. Plethora of Channels

Depending on the location, you may not be able to access all the channels that are available on Kodi and this is where VPN comes in handy. With VPN on Kodi, you can access any channel that is being streamed in any corner of the world and it’s not available in your region.

#2. Hide IP Address

The main advantage of using a VPN is to hide your IP and maintain anonymity with whatever you do with your Kodi. Of course, it gives you a secure environment and keeps you away from snoopers.

#3. Kodi Add-ons

Kodi add-ons bring immense value to your streaming device as it provides you unlimited options to explore various channels, shows, websites, and more. But using a VPN with add-ons can safeguard your device and your data too.,

While these are some of the primary reasons to use Kodi with VPN, there are many more advantages too. That said, it’s important to understand how Kodi works with VPN and how you can set up the same.

How to Use Kodi with VPN?

This completely depends on the device on which Kodi is installed. If you’re using it with Amazon Fire TV Stick, there’s a way around it. And if you’re using it on your Mac or PC, there’s another way around using a VPN. So let’s see a few methods that can let you use Kodi with a VPN on your respective devices.

1. Use Kodi with VPN on Mac or PC

This is one of the easiest ways to use Kodi with a VPN.

Using Kodi with VPN

To access Kodi with VPN installed, all you need to do is download the VPN software or just login to the respective VPN website that you have an account for. Once the VPN is connected with the required region selected, you can Install Kodi on your respective device to enjoy streaming unlimited movies, shows, eBooks, music, and lots more.

That’s how straightforward it is to use Kodi with any VPN on your Mac or PC. Let’s now see how you can use Kodi with a VPN on iPhone or iPad.

2. How to Use Kodi with VPN on iPhone/iPad

Using apps like Kodi is tough on devices like iPhone and iPad due to in-built security features. But to make it easy, you can take the help of any VPN app. Here’s how the process goes.

Although Kodi isn’t available on the App Store due to some reasons, there’s a way to install it. To start with you need to sideload Kodi using Cydia Impactor. Here’s how you can do it.


  • Now, open Cydia Impactor tool, drag & drop the Kodi IPA file in it, and select your iOS device from the list. It must be either your iPhone or iPad. Once done, enter your Apple ID.
  • Open your iPhone and head over to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. Click on your Apple ID profile and click Trust upon prompting.
  • That now ends the process and makes Kodi run smoothly on your iOS devices.

Make sure you activate the VPN before you launch Kodi to avoid any issues.

3. Using Kodi with VPN on Chromebook or Chromebox

Kodi on Chromebook

Using Kodi with VPN on a Chromebook shouldn’t be an issue as both, Kodi and all VPN apps are usually available on the Google Play Store.

Just make sure that both the required apps are available on the Play Store and you turn on the VPN correctly before you launch Kodi on your Chromebook. This process should be sufficient to run Kodi smoothly with a VPN on a Chromebook or Chromebox.

Summing Up…

There are many other devices that are capable of running Kodi with a VPN. But the above 3 devices are the most used ones and hence, I decided to explain those. If you’ve any doubts regarding installing the Kodi add-on with a VPN, do let me know in the comments below, right away!

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