How to Change the Default Web Browser on Android

Everyone has a preference, and having your favorite browser as the default browser on Android makes life so much easier.

Whoever said it’s good to be flexible wasn’t entirely right. Having preferences is all about usability and agility with comfort.

Do you know, on average, how many times a person uses the browser in a day?

According to the data from Statista of internet users worldwide, 90 percent of the global population uses mobile for browsing.

Let’s not indulge in how many hours one spends on their phone because that’s an entirely different topic.

For android users, google chrome is the default browser. But you can always switch it with your favorite browser.

Every browser is available on Google Play Store, and one can easily switch to use them as default browsers..

No matter how perfect the Samsung Internet or Google Chrome can be, the browser you are most comfortable with is the winner for you.

Here are some steps to successfully make your favorite browser as the default browser on your Android.

How to Change the Default Web Browser on Android

It is extremely basic, like all other features of Android, to change your default browser.

Follow these steps, and you are all set to browse.

  1. First, go to the Play Store and download the browser you prefer to use.
  2. After it has successfully been installed, head to the Settings on your Android device.
  3. Now press the Apps tab in settings.
  4. Here you will find the Default Apps option. Since it varies for some models, look for three vertical dots on the top right corner if you can’t find them.
  5. When you land in this segment, you will find a different browser. Now, you can select the one you downloaded from Google Play Store.

As soon as you select the setting, it will change the default browser, and you are through.

For Samsung Phone

With little variation, the method is quite similar to changing the default browser settings.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Next, click on Apps, and then select Choose Default Apps.
  3. Here you will see Browser App; click on it.
  4. Soon you will find the list of browsers, including the one you wish to select.
  5. Click on your browser to change the default browser.

Why Do I Need to Change My Default Browser?

Sometimes when you have been using a particular browser, you develop a kinship with it. The settings, usability, and features become second nature when you require quick browsing.

Moreover, when switching to other devices, you need all your data, passwords, and cookies transferred to a new device. Why work with a new browser when life is easier with your favorite default browser.

Often at the workplace, there is so much data and preferences saved on the old browser, you simply cannot do without. So rather than compromising on your creativity and productivity, there is no harm in being clingy to one specific browser.

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