Free Apps for Music Mixing (Android & iOS)

Thinking about becoming a DJ? Well, you don’t necessarily need a mixer to start. Since we have apps nowadays for virtually everything, we also have some great apps for music mixing. 

With built-in tunes and tools, these apps offer a wide range of functions that you’d find in a physical mixer. And here’s where it gets even better? Many of them are free!

Regardless of the mobile device you have, you can find an app for mixing music and playing it on your DJ equipment at a party or practicing at home. Sound good? Here are the top apps for music mixing:

Edjing Mix

Platform: Android, iOS

For beginners, Edjing Mix is downright the best app to learn how to create and mix tracks. With a remarkably simple interface, it makes it easier for the absolute novices to learn how to mix. 

It can connect with a mixer or MIDI through a USB connection. The best thing about this mixing app is that the library has endless varieties of tunes. So whether you’re into ambient techno or electronic dance music (EDM), you can find tunes to make tracks that represent your playing style. 

Some of the common DJ tools like pitch control, BMP detection, and FX expansion are all available in the app for free. 

The only requirement is that you have at least half a GB available in your phone to download it, as it comes with a lot of in-app data. 


Platform: iOS

As a versatile, multi-purpose music app, the native music creating app of Apple, GarageBand doesn’t just deserve mention but applause too. 

As a free, default app on iOS and iPad OS, it offers a slew of tools and instruments to create digital tracks. You’d be surprised to see what kind of professional quality music many artists have created using GarageBand exclusively. 

As a DJ, you’ll mostly use the Remix FX feature. But if you also want to add instrument sounds, you can explore the many instruments available within the app. With different kinds of guitars, piano, and keyboard, this app is a budding DJ or musician’s best friend. 

What’s more? It’s available in many languages, including French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean. 

Pacemaker – AI DJ App

Platform: iOS

This app offers way more features than some of the other music apps here. You can sync it with your Spotify account. You can also interact with a community of artists on this app. 

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it has an advanced yet easy interface to help artists learn and then produce quality music. It offers live tools that sound like the real deal, so you can create professional-sounding tracks sitting at home without a studio. 

While it’s technically not free, there’s a trial period you can benefit from. After that, you can sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription, which isn’t that expensive anyway. 

Mix Pad Music Mixer

Platform: Android, iOS

Here’s another app that’s available for both mobile platforms. Mix Pad Music Maker is a free app that takes only 26 MB on your phone. 

It’s great for making remixes of songs, as you can upload a song or choose from the extensive song library built in the app. Also, you can merge songs, so it’s also good for creating mashups. 

With this app, you can also record instruments or vocals, and you’d be surprised to know how clean they sound. 

If you’re someone who is always creating, this app is a great pick as it makes the process of making music on the fly a lot easier. 


Platform: Android, iOS

Mixcloud is a versatile app offering a rich library of songs, mixing tools, and community experience to interact with different artists from around the world. 

It’s also good for streaming music and listening to the radio. So you can also use it as a music app and not just a mixing app. 

For music mixing, the free tools are limited. If you want the whole variety, you’ll need to subscribe. Nevertheless, the free tools are a good place to start mixing and learning the basics. 

It’s one of the most popular apps, especially among DJs. 

Wrap Up

For free music mixing apps, Cross DJ and djay also deserve a mention. The latter also has multi-language support. 

Except for GarageBand and Pacemaker, all the apps above are available for both Android and iOS. Try one or two to find one that works best for your goals. You’ll be off to becoming a good DJ in no time. 

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