Best Plant Care Apps for Android and iOS

Being a plant parent isn’t an easy job. You must constantly look out for the dry fonds, yellowing leaves, brown tips, and whatnot. However, if you don’t ignore the early signs, managing and taking care of your indoor and outdoor plants becomes easier.

But is it always possible to predict health through visual cues? Well, most DIY gardeners use tech guides like tutorials and videos to learn about plant care. How about using a dedicated app to serve your plant better?

It is easier to manage your plant health with a plant care app because it comes with all the assisting tools to protect and promote plant growth. So, you can make more calculated decisions for watering, fertilizing, and providing enough sunlight to the plants when needed.

So, let’s find out some of the best plant care apps for Android and iOS devices.


Platform: Android and iOS

Plantsnap is a free application for mobile devices that helps in identifying plants. This is a good app for beginners who are learning about new plants.

You can take a snap of the plant, and the application will show you the plant name. This is useful when you have a large garden with many different species of plants.

Citrus Pests Key

Platform: Android

Citrus Pests Key is a useful app for professionals for identifying citrus insect pests. So, it relies on microscopic data, which means you will need a handheld lens to get highly zoomed images of the leaves.

It provides a detailed description of different pests and helps in identifying different specimens and verification. 

Sun Surveyor

Platform: Android and iOS

Sun Surveyor is an interesting application that tracks the movement of the sun based on your device location. Since most houseplants need full or partial sunlight, you can better understand how much sunlight reaches your plants daily.

It features augmented reality, which makes it more intriguing. Just set your phone next to the plant, and you will get a view of the movement of the sun all day long.

Tree Fungi ID App

Platform: iOS

Tree Fungi ID App provides a large set of information about different types of fungi commonly present in fields. For each type of fungus, there is a detailed description, general information, significance, mode of decay, and many other useful parameters.

So, it helps in identifying the type of fungus that you might encounter in your garden and how you can deal with it.

Happy Plant

Platform: iOS

Happy Plant focuses on water management for your plants. So, you can use the daily watering schedule for your plants. Moreover, the app features a set of entertaining videos, plant selfies, and planning activities to make the experience more fun.

So, if you tend to forget when to water plants, Happy Plant is just the right app for your iPhone.

Gardening Reference Guide

Platform: iOS

Gardening Reference Guide app allows the user to learn about the origin and viable conditions for any plant. So, you can learn about the type of soil, climate, water levels, and light requirements for your plants to manage them more effectively.

It features care instructions and guides for plants and flowers, making it easier to take care of them.

My Garden

Platform: Android and iOS

My Garden lets you become a part of the greenery lovers’ community. You can follow other gardeners, build your gardening calendars, and share useful information about gardening with the other community members. 

This is a great option for new DIY gardeners. Also, you can track and share your plant’s growth with other community members.


Plant care apps make it quite convenient for the users to manage, track and share plant growth. These apps take care of essentials like maintenance, watering schedules, and pest control. Therefore, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, you must have one of these apps on your iPhone or Android device.


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