Best GPX Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Travelling is always fun when you know the routes. Whether it’s about visiting a friend or checking out tourist points, it all becomes simpler when you know the roads leading to your destination.

However, most of us have encountered a situation where we either forget the routes or have no knowledge of where to go next for an adventurous trip. In such a situation, a GPX tracker app comes in quite handy, guiding you to your destinations and giving you a better understanding of your current location.

With the convenience of mobile apps, GPX tracking becomes even simpler, so why not find out the best GPX tracker apps for Android and iOS. Here are some great options.


Platform: Android and iOS

OsmAnd is a perfect option for offline maps, and it’s designed for travelers to navigate smoothly. It features HQ maps worldwide, and the offline feature makes it much more convenient for travelers who may not have access to mobile data in a different country.

As a result, you always have a good sense of direction, and it also features a voice assistant during driving. It also supports hiking, cycling and sightseeing features; to top it off, there are nautical maps and sea depth details.

You can customize your traveling routes, share them with your friend, and record your trips as well. Also, if you’re not sure where to go, just open other users’ routes and use them as a guide. 

Map My Run

Platform: Android and iOS

Map My Run is a slight variation from the apps that we have seen so far. It’s dedicated to workout plans, unlike vacation trips. Surprised? Well, Map My Run uses the GPX to track your workouts and fitness routines.

It’s designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts plan their running routes and track and save their progress. You can mark waypoints, add annotations, and share your current locations with your friends too.

Also, it shows cycling routes, gyms, and yoga spots, presenting the option to train at home with effective training lessons from users all over the world.

GPX Viewer

Platform: Android

GPX Viewer app lets you view and record pre-designed traveling routes. Moreover, it enables you to plan your outdoor activities through detailed visual maps with high-quality graphics.

Therefore, you can plan more than just your outdoor trips, such as running routes, cycling, and hiking trips. Moreover, assistant tools suggest the best route to follow, traveling waypoints, and many other travel-related parameters.


Platform: Android

With Tracklia, you can import new routes and paths followed by other users on this app. In addition, it has a comprehensive route planner, letting you record and share your trips with other users and friends.

It lets you mark waypoints and take notes, and the app will present a detailed route. In addition, there are high-quality elevation graphs and maps, giving a realistic feel of the places.

There are many customization options like splitting routes, adding and deleting waypoints, and multiple views to make it easier to plan a trip.


The best GPX tracker apps keep a detailed record of your routes. In addition, you can add your notes and tips, helping the other travellers too. So, now that you know the best GPX trackers for Android and iOS, prepare yourself for a flawless trip to a new location and explore the spots like never before.

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