Best Checkers Games for Android & iOS

Checkers games are one of the finest board games in the town. The game can be played by anyone irrespective of age. There are plenty of Checkers games available online and offline too but what excites me is playing those games on my smartphone rather than the traditional way.

The advantage of playing on a smartphone, meaning, Android or iOS games, is you compete with an opponent who you don’t know and don’t know his/her skills in the game. Few smart moves and you will be out of the game within no time. And this is what makes the Checkers game pretty exciting. You get to learn various moves in the game every time you play with a new opponent in any game.

5 Best Checkers Games

Wondering which are the best Checkers game available for Android & iOS users? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

1. All-in-one Checkers

This game was formerly known as Checkersland and it is now rebranded as All-in-one Checkers. Although the name of the game has changed, the gameplay isn’t affected much, to be honest. You get a chance to pick your opponent from various countries around the world. And as I said, it gets exciting when you play the game with an unknown opponent.

One can easily continue from where you left the game as it saves all your moves. Moreover, you can redo your moves by changing the previous ones at your convenience. This is probably the best Checkers game for beginners who are still learning to play this genre of games. The graphics in the game are astounding and they work pretty well on smaller screens too due to their responsiveness.

2. English Checkers

English Checkers

The name suggests that it might have only English Checkers but not true. You get plenty of other checkers in the game too like Nigerian, Makhos, Ghanian, Damii, and many more. Due to the kind of graphics it possesses, the game looks very much attractive and it keeps you hooked for hours and hours.

The game comes with 10 difficulty levels to test your gaming skill and it also gives you an option to view the game in 2D and 3D as well. To get started, you can take the help of the guide available in the game to understand the basic rules of the game. This can turn out to be useful if you’re new to the Checkers game concept.

3. Jamaican Checkers

If your kids are addicted to this game, let me tell you that, the parental control option is going to give you lots of features to restrict your kids from playing this game for hours. Of course, it’s always good to relax and play the game but anything that is done more is not good for their health too.

Apart from this, the game has features of auto-saving just like any other Checker game and you get the freedom to choose the color of your desired coins in the game. Make sure you check the history of your games so that you don’t make the mistakes in an existing game that you had done in the past.

4. AI Factory Checkers

Just like all the other checkers’ games, AI Factory Checkers too have basic options like more than 10 difficulty levels, six checker sets, seven checkerboards, local multiplayer mode, and the undo option. Apart from that, User stats is one feature that makes it unique as compared to all the Checkers games listed in today’s lineup.

Make sure you don’t fall for the premium version as it just removes the ads and doesn’t offer you anything different as compared to the free version of the game.

5. Gamma Play Checkers

Gamma Play Checkers

If you’re a beginner and want to learn to play Checkers games with lesser difficulty levels, Gamma Play Checkers is the best game for you. Overall, five game variants are available that include Turkish, Russian, Spanish, English, and International.

You can participate in daily tournaments where you can test your gaming skills with various players and AI too. So what keeps you waiting? Get started with the basics by installing Gamma Play Checkers on your Android or iOS devices now!

Wrapping Up…

Every Checkers game has a different story and options to choose from. It’s up to you which one is suitable as per your needs. Be it anything, these 5 are the best Checkers game available for Android and iOS users.

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