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7 Best Anime Simulation Games for Android & iOS

Anime simulation games have lately come to the party in terms of popularity in late 2018. The games like King’s Throne, Game of Sultans, Emperor and Beauties, Nightmare Harem, Princess Connect, Illusion Connect, and Mystic Messenger have made it to the top of our anime simulation games for Android and iOS devices.

7 Best Anime Simulation Games of All Time!

Depending on the gameplay, plot, weapons, etc, you can select your choice of anime game that’s suitable to your gaming style. So here we go!

1. King’s Throne

The battle is on with King’s Throne where the game starts from the ballroom and goes to the battlefield at the end. In the game, your role is of King and you need to rule the entire region by defeating your enemies that have an eye on your princess.

Get your child trained after they are born and send them as commanders in the troop to lead from the front. All of them will fight for the princess and make sure the future is secure. The game goes on for hours and hours until you notice the time while playing. It’s a never-ending battle game with a lot of anime simulation included.

2. Game of Sultans

Develop your army as a Sultan to take control over the rest of the surrounding kingdoms by including yourself on the battlefield. Throughout the game, you will come across many traitors and a few trusted friends too. Make sure you train the trusted persons well and help them to control your army in a better way.

Game of Sultans

You will have plenty of choices to make in several situations in the game. For example, you will get a chance to marry your daughter to some other prince. Or you can reject it and have a war with them to snatch their kingdom, the choice is yours. It’s a tricky game and yet it’s intriguing!

3. Emperor and Beauties

This game rolls all over the Chinese states where you play a role of an official and make the people live tougher than ever before. Besides this, you will solve various government problems with the help of talented people hired by you.

Instead of battling with other kingdoms, it’s far better to make an alliance with the other leaders and help the country battle with other countries when needed the most. Make sure you don’t hire the wrong vassals and if you do, get ready for the bad consequences in the game for a long time or until you find the culprit.

4. Nightmare Harem

Fall in love this season and enjoy playing Nightmare Harem live you never played before! Given the intense graphics, you’re sure to have the best gaming experience of all time once you play it. With more than 9 characters in the game, 5 demons, and 3 angels, you’re sure to find the one you love sometime or the other.

In this game, you’re a normal working lady and while going home, you see something different, and this is where the game starts!

5. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re Dive

If you’re looking for a combination of an RPG game and anime simulation, you’ve arrived at the right place. The game is spread across various locations in China and Japan. To fight with the deadly monsters and keep winning over them, you need to level up your skills along with collecting the deadly weapons that come your way.

The graphics and the sound of the characters seem real. That’s the reason I felt connected to the game when I started playing it regularly on my iPhone and iPad too.

6. Illusion Connect

Real-time combat battles are what you get to experience in Illusion Connect’s anime simulation game. Besides making your mark on the battlefield, you also need to build your dream house which seems quite impossible until you defeat your enemies.

Of course, before designing the house, you need to make sure that you have enough partners to help you out and they have enough space in the home to stay. Rest, battle, repeat and make the chance count on every occasion. The graphics are immersive and you can easily get lost for hours and hours once you start playing the game.

7. Mystic Messenger

Searching for the best romantic game in the anime simulation genre? Mystic Messenger Korean game must be your go-to choice. This game isn’t for those who love RPG or action games. It’s a quiet game that includes more of a discussion with other characters in the game and building relationships with them.

Mystic Messenger

Share your feeling with your fellow anime characters and see what they’ve to share with you. It’s a matter of time and emotions that you exchange in this game!

Your Favorite Anime Simulation Game?

This ends our list of the best Anime simulation games. Which one of these is your favorite game? Let me know in the comments right away and stay tuned for more apps and games!

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