Best 2 Player Board Games for Android & iOS

Board games are the recipe for a good time with your friends. However, you don’t need them in the same room to enjoy that experience. Thanks to the 2 Player board games, you can have a great time with your best friend, colleague, or partner. 

You can also enjoy the board game on the same device as some games allow dual playability on a single device. In this list, all the board games can be played with another player on your very mobile device. 

Here are the best 2 player board games:

Chess – Play & Learn

Platform: Android and iOS

Whenever you think of board games, the very first game that comes to mind is Chess. The classic critical thinking game easily earns the top spot for two-player board games. 

Did you know playing Chess can make you smarter? Yes, it can train your brain to think analytically, calculate moves and estimate risks. 

With this sophisticated app, you can play this game on your phone or tablet with another player. 

The app also analyzes your games and notices the wins or losses to tell you how your performance is improving. If you take Chess very seriously, this app is a great start. 

If you don’t have a friend to play with, just take part in tournaments to play with other users. It also features a forum where you can communicate with other enthusiasts. 

Board Games of Two: 2 Player

Platform: iOS

If you want to play multiple two-player board games on your phone, download this amazing app. It features several different two-player games, including Tic Tac Toe, Mancala, and Checkers. 

You can play online all by yourself or play with a friend on the same device. As there are multiple games on the app, it’s a little heavier. Also, it’s available in multiple languages, including German, French, English, and Mandarin. 

It has a rewards system based on coins, which you can also purchase to advance quicker. While it’s free, you do have to bear with the ads or pay a premium price to get the ad-free experience. 

Two Player Games: Air Hockey

Platform: Android

Get ready to feel nostalgic for those younger days at the gaming arena playing air hockey with your friends. This game mimics the game and is perfect for two players. Even if you have more friends to play with, you can keep one-on-one matches. 

You can play with an opponent or the automated AI player when you’re alone, or your friends aren’t available. It does give you an adrenaline rush in the moment, so it’s not one of those slow-pace board games. 

Another great thing about this app is that there’s no subscription required. 


Platform: Android

Much like Chess, Checkers is also a brain game. Requiring focus and critical thinking, the game gets real interesting really fast. This particular app takes a simple approach, so there are no complex or distracting features. 

The graphics have improved greatly over the years. You can also take screenshots within the app if you want to show off your moves to other friends. 

While you can play with a friend, it also has the AI option to keep you occupied in your spare time. 


Platform: Android and iOS

Ludo STAR is a very popular board game for two to four players. You can play with random players online, as well as with your friends. 

When initiating the game, you can set the rules. These can range from simple to complex. You will have to learn the basic rules and flow of the game if you haven’t played before, but it’s pretty simple. 

You can customize the game with the coins you earn, like changing your avatar. The only drawback is that you can only use the voice chat feature on Android devices. 

Wrap Up

Two can have a party if they have a board game at hand. Now, you don’t really need to go to a game store and buy one. Just download one of the above apps on your phone and enjoy!

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