5 Most Trustable Antivirus for Windows 11

Windows 11 may offer better security features, but it’s not entirely immune to viruses, malware, and spyware. This, obviously, calls for a reliable third-party antivirus. That way, you can ensure that your operating system is safe from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks as well.

You’ll find some of the classic antiviruses in this top five list because even though they go way back, they still offer some of the best features. Also, while you may want a free antivirus, paid ones usually have the best performance.

So without further ado, let’s discuss your top five choices for Windows 11 antivirus:

Norton 360

For all-rounder protection, there’s nothing better than Norton antivirus by Symantec. The Norton 360 is feature-rich, providing protection on all fronts. From web browsing, downloading files, to upgrading drivers, the antivirus scans and analyzes all processes to keep the bad guys away.

Most importantly, it has incorporated advanced artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting suspicious web pages and content online. Since most viruses originate from internet use, this is necessary to keep your device protected at all times.

With a two-way firewall, it monitors the traffic coming in and going out. This way, it ensures no virus spreads throughout the network, especially on a local network.

A great advantage of going with Norton 360 is that you get a built-in virtual private network (VPN).

It’s an expensive one and doesn’t offer any free trial or free version. That’s why it’s the best option for corporations and businesses.


If you’re looking for free antivirus for Windows 11, make sure to give Bitdefender a chance. While it’s a paid antivirus, there is a free version as well that offers most of the basic features you would want.

The good thing about this antivirus software is that it has a dedicated service for every kind of threat. For instance, Ransomware Mitigation detects and blocks ransomware, which is becoming incredibly common these days.

Then there are other useful features like a Password Manager that can help you keep all your passwords saved on the device but also protected.

Although it’s a strong antivirus, the highlighting quality for most users would be the fact that it doesn’t send unnecessary notifications or popups. You can stream movies or work on important documents without getting annoying interruptions.

McAfee Total Protection

Similar to Norton, McAfee also enjoys a great reputation in the antivirus category. Many corporations and small businesses rely on this antivirus provider for digital security.

From file shredder to ransom guard, there are numerous tools to protect your Windows 11 device from all kinds of bad actors. QuickClean feature enables you to clean your device of junk in a matter of seconds.

This one also has a password manager and VPN, so it’s comprehensive software. Also, the customer support is pretty good with multiple channels, including a virtual assistant.


While AVG antivirus is in the league of paid antiviruses, it does offer a free version that most casual Windows users can take advantage of. If you like it, you can even subscribe to the paid version.

Don’t think the free version would be very limited as it offers a multitude of features. You have email scanning, automatic scans, file shredder, and game mode in the free version.

The only drawback is that if you’re using the free version, you’ll get ads and notifications to subscribe to the premium version.

Kaspersky Total Security

If you’re paying for antivirus, you might as well get a comprehensive solution. The Kaspersky Total Security isn’t just an antivirus but also offers a password manager, parental controls, and data backup options.

It’s also one of the most affordable antivirus solutions, offering several tiers of plans to suit individual needs.

By the way, it doesn’t take up many resources when running scans or other activities, unlike other antiviruses, which can slow down startup and eat up processor power.

You can choose the individual products you need and may even be able to use with other devices like mobiles or Mac.

Wrap Up

As soon as you upgrade to Windows 11, make sure to download and install a good antivirus. As always, a new OS can have bugs and loopholes which call for extra protection. Whether paid or free, antivirus is essential for Windows 11.

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