5 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Android 2021

A popular saying goes like this, “Slow internet is better than no internet.” Well, it might not be the case precisely, but a low-quality network undoubtedly makes you question, “What am I even paying for?”

More and more people have started using the internet to break free from the monotony of the COVID-19 lockdown. While some utilize it for entertainment, others use it for business and educational purposes.

Whether you’re from the former group or the latter, a slow Wi-Fi can halt your usage and might make you want to punch in the wall.

We’ll walk you through several Wi-Fi Analyzer apps for Android to upgrade your Wi-Fi.

5 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Android

Struggling to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi network? Here are 5 apps to get the job done.

1.   NetSpot

The first on our list and for good reasons. Whether you want to visualize live Wi-Fi data, check Wi-Fi connectivity, or optimize the Wi-Fi speed, NetSpot has you covered!

You can use this app at your office, home, and even in public places. That implies it doesn’t only help you analyze your Wi-Fi but any connection nearby.

On top of that, NetSpot informs you about the security level of any network you’re connected to, protecting your device from malware attacks.

2.   ScanFi

From gathering basic information about the Wi-Fi network to improving its signal strength and quality, ScanFi does it all for you.

Besides helping you access detailed information about Wi-Fi, the app gives a 60-second history graph of any access point you select.

ScanFi also allows you to filter open access points and discover networks out of sight. Further, it allows 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz scanning. However, your smartphone must support the feature – not all android phones allow channel scanning.

3.   OpenSignal

OpenSignal brings comprehensive testing features for you. The app allows you to analyze your Wi-Fi speed and check video streaming quality on Netflix, YouTube, and more.

What’s more, the app gives a record of your previous speed tests. This gives you an idea of how your internet speed has fluctuated over time.

Another brilliant feature of OpenSignal is that it works for both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Also, it supports devices as old as Android 4.1. So, no matter what android model you own, you can install the app and get it running.

4.   NetX Network Tools

NetX Network Tools packs all the features you require to analyze the speed of your Wi-Fi network. The app’s user interface is pretty simple, yet it shows you all the information about your Wi-Fi connection, from signal strength to external IP to download and upload speeds.

You can compare, analyze, and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network to get the most out of its speed. Besides, the app allows you to see the details of surrounding networks. It is a great way to see which network is affecting your bandwidth the most.

5.   WiFi Signal Strength

Typically, Wi-Fi analyzer apps use bars or graphs to present the signal quality. WiFi Signal Strength app, on the flip side, provides an accurate percentage of your Wi-Fi signals, allowing you to determine how good or bad the signals are.

But that’s not it; the displayed figures are not constant. As you move away from your router, you’ll observe a drop in the percentage. This allows you to determine the strongest Wi-Fi zones in your home and office.

While some people think it isn’t a clever method to determine Wi-Fi signal strength, it works for many.

The app is free to download and compatible with Android 2.2 models and above.


Who doesn’t like to have a stable internet connection?

Having a strong Wi-Fi connection has become a necessity in today’s tech-driven world. Hopefully, the Wi-Fi analyzer apps above will improve the network speed for you.

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